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of accountability. and should be everyone's. our first panel of witnesses will help us explore the changes needed. they are authors of separate essays. military application through the security administration. and the honorable gregory freed mono. i want to thank our witnesses for appearing today and the time they put in preparing their testimony. it's a labor. we do appreciate it. i have a longer version of my statement i'm without objection offer for the record. hearing none. it's ordered. i want to turn to my friend and colleague from typical, mr. jim cooper. any opening comments you may have? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i look forward to working with you and our colleagues on the important issues. i would like to ask and be with a shortness of the time that my opening statement be inserted in the record. >> thank you, sir. we're going to be calling for votes in awhile. we will dispense with a reading of your opening statements and submitted for the record. we will go straight to the questioning of the witnesses. the witness will be general austin. let begin the rounds of questions. and we'll
positive -- it makes people aware, it makes people take initiative to change things, for example? last year there was a video that went viral on youtube about the guy that was taking charge in uganda. and i had never heard about that. all of my friends were talking about it and nobody knew about this. and now all of these celebrities are starting charities and i know that there is controversy on where that money was going. but my point is there a way to make the shooters aware of what is going on? >> one of the positive things is all the people wanting to donate. a lot of good can come out of publicity. but you just have to take the killer out of the picture. that's the problem. so i think giving a good example, i did a study with my colleague of people magazine. we looked at every cover from the 70s up to a few years ago. when they first started, it was all about people who did good things. they had people and politicians who did the right thing. medical discoveries, astronauts who did great things, here it is. and over time it started to get very negative. after a while, the majority of t
through some name changes. included surveilling reporters and journalists. if you wire the electronic system, it makes it difficult unless you engage in other means to get information to a reporter or a journalist. obviously, if you are concerned about disclosures that are unauthorized, wow, keep a tab on any and all connections. that not just white ends know for a fact that that actually took place in secret. this is no different, but on a larger scale. it was what happened in the 60s and 70s. wiretapping reporters and journalists finding out who their sources were. if you know who the sources are, i'll just go after the source. so here is where it gets disturbing. this is another paradox of what happened. on and off the record, any number of them have told me privately. it is chilling. even long-time deep sources of government are increasingly reluctant to speak even off the record. even on deep background. why is that? they are afraid. do you know what it means to be afraid of your own government? because of just the possibility that they could get tipped off if you have contact wi
for eligibility for medicare and medicaid. you no longer need to be a categorical eligibility. this change essentially eliminated this, which says that you are poor, but you're not yet sick enough for medicaid. yet we have medication that not only can prevent you from this, that the federal government considers antiviral treatment. so this is being able to change this. it didn't take away the eligibility category, but it allows states not be penalized for it in 26 states, you are not eligible at all states are still making. here is the map where they are. this is part of things that have been moved. as you can see, 27 had expressed support. seven of them are still weighing options and the rest of them are opposed. what does this mean for people with hiv? perhaps on the good news side, about% of people live in those states that have expressed theirs. 29% live in states with programs. but florida, for example, the florida legislature is not in support. 11% of people with hiv live in florida. as you can see, and i will make this clear, all of those states on the bottom, that as a challenge. e
. unpredictable, violent change occurs. that's the world we're in. the minute you read machiavellian you're in our world, the world of the unpredictable. the unforeseeable, the violent, the unforseen. and that seems to me a tremendously powerful and modern aspect of machiavellian. equally at the same time as the qaation shows men are not prisoners of fortune. the whole burden of chapter 25 is to say, yes, stuff happens. the unpredictable occurs. catastrophe occur, the around overflows, men are not prisoners of this. they need not be resigned to their fate. it's a very strong emphasis, i think, professor muir made the point about the tremendous point of will in machiavellian. will against fortune. will against fate, will against chance, will against contingency. these are strong and powerful themes in machiavellian. for tuna does not preach resignation. there's not a line of resignation in machiavellian's writing. politicians, in other words, were people in charge of public affairs in florence cannot predict the unpredictable. they can't be sure when the river is going to overflow. they can put up
changing? >> i think it's a big opportunity for the prime minister to show what could happen in russia. we'll have to see because they're sitting on top of the oil reserve. you know where the the price of oil is. there, as you pow, there are a lot of problems. we have to see whether, you know, russia can show that it's taking some of these reforms that needs to take, and we'll see and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. so far, i think, as i said, the only g20 meeting that really did any positive of the one in london. i give credit to gordon brown that was his greatest moment, i think, at that particular time to do it. you had well-organized meetings. i was in korean there was nobody organizing like the koreans. it was a great organized meetings. wars and, you know, nothing much came out of it. then the one in france it rained the whole time and it was rain on the parade because it was a disaster and nothing happened. there was a lot of nice intentions comes out of mexico in the last g20 it's not clear what we'll see. one of the areas we didn't get in to here is the whole question of r
. really the fact that it flies on the system for the police helicopter you see really hasn't changed the way we think about it or view it. >> what limitations of members support? >> let me clarify. the limitations we support are the ones that currently identified to the study of case law that has occurred. >> it seems to me there should be an important distinction between individuals for whom there is probable cause, substantial evidence to be suspected of a crime in my enforcement has had extensive tools for operating in the collection of data concerning ordinary citizen. when you overlay the availability of drones proliferation of care mess. my hometown of houston recently voted to take down red light cameras. i think a great many of us, myself included have very deep concerns about the government collecting information and with the ease and availability of drones is a real combat of going about the business might be monitored, catalogued and recorded by the federal government. i for one would have deep concerns about that. i've asked the question of ms. stepanovich. do you share t
when interrogators were ired for iraq. the clearly kneaded to be -- needed to be changes. congressional direction, the federal acquisition regulation was changed and requiring the best approach. which required documentation that the decisions written agreements on spelling out rules and responsibilities. also at congress' urging and direction there was a requirement added for business case 0 developed and approve before new interagency contracts could be put in place. congress asked for a series of audit by the department of defense about inspector general found less problems over time. we were satisfied that the mechanism in place, there's demonstrated progress and removed them from the list. the other is the irs business systems modernization. we put that on the list in 1995. irs was monitored in technical management weaknesses with the system. over the years they made steady improvement. they required an expenditure plan from irs which gao is required to review. the irs has made measurable progress they installed the first module of the new system which allows for daily updated of ta
of the brain early -- the identification of changes in behavior and activity we have got to figure out how to give educators and mental health professionals and families the tools as early as possible to identify and to treat. it does very well in defense of sampsa. they put outstanding tools in the hands of professionals at home, but i'm worried about disconnect now with the resources that aren't available through schools at home. especially, and then for you all who had health care coverage, you seem to be able to access greater treatment and there is a large segment now that are unensured that is going to change. how can we best impact the growing number of insured to make it meningful. >> -- meaningful. >> do you do you want to comment? >> i would. thank you. i want to speak to the problem of lack of insurance or coverage for mental health. in my own case, my son racked up possibly the world's most expensive library fine. i asked him to return over due library books. he completely went to a rage, threatened to kill me and himself. pulled a knife i was able to get the police involved. t
that the future savings by not having mr. p. would certainly be as great as 415 million further behavioral change revealed; in addition to recovery? >> absolutely. we have not quantified the fact you can save money over the long haul but in internal controls into place. >> thank you. i think you're the right line. i appreciate your yielding. without we go to mr. jordan, and returning stars recognize. >> i don't know about that. thank you, mr. chairman. mr. porcari, some have said mr. lahood stier points are not backed up by financial data and may suggest that the faa to 500 elion and 200 million on supplies and travel. i know this is the faa, but do you think that is something they can focus on? >> we could not achieve savings that way and i'll be glad to document why. i'm a first find out what the sequestered means. two thirds basically -- 74% of our department is exempt from the sequestered, which means the sequestration cut followed on a portion of the department, primarily the federal aviation commission. a 5% cut is the equivalent of a 9% cut -- >> my question is does the faa part of your bu
energies. >> i have had quite a few in the question is has there been a change over the time and not? i have time to look far do a lot of encouragement. a little after 15 years ago. to say where and who in and say i'm not going to bite you. and please and so forth. i see the extent to which requires an effort is improved last. but it still does require something of an effort. less than it did, but consciousnesses import. so i think it could encourage people at these levels then you'll see you're not doing anybody a favor. the effort pays off. it's worthwhile. >> that's the issue we discussed about applying the quote. we know right now it applies as an advisory situation. the different in the past change on that whole issue of applying the judicial comment? >> i've never had a problem with it because in my own professional career, i'm absolutely confident in the career in the manner in which we consider those absolute binding. they can and be made by members of the relevant judicial committee urges district judges. we think it's potentially difficult for circuit judges to make rules that
with have a great possibility to pay dividends. it is a culture problem and has to be changed. and all i would urge my colleagues to do there's been a long standing tradition in the military of allowing the commander this authority for the reasons just cited there. generally harding, i would like in private for you to offer to brief the members of the committee about the case. you briefed me. it's an interesting case. i would just ask every member of the committee to spend time, if you could, being briefed about the facts in that particular case. but as to the climate in the military, the fact victims feel they can't come forward clearly this has to be addressed. i want to thank you, ma'am chairman for bringing this to the nation's attention. the committee's attention, and i look forward to finding a way to continue the progress it seems to be made. >> thank you senator graham. i am extremely disturbed based on the last rownld of question and answer that each of you believes that the convening authority is what maintains discipline and order within your ranks. if that is your view, i don
. the scientists propossessed an -- proposed an incredibly simple change involving no new anything. change the deathing on the -- setting on the death charges from 100 feet only attack u boats that had been out of sight for less than fifteen seconds. when they carried out an attack, the target would be at the right depth and the right place. u-boats had a small fifteen second wind dough wouldn't have had time to take action. the scientists calculated it would increase the successful kill rate from 1% to 10%. now imagine if you had approached the military commandedder and said we have the incredible new wonder weapon that is more powerful explosive and will increase by a factor of 10 for success in it would have been astonishing. there was in weapon it changed depth setting. sure enough when the results were implemented it was almost exactly at that. astonishing. it took some convincing to get the change introduced, as you can imagine. when it happened the results were undenialble. that. change along transformed the anti-submarine war campaign from almost ineffectivenesses in 1941, as i men
are committed to getting them moving. we know fitness has the power to change life for the better of me believe those who are fit not only change themselves, that can be the change agents for people around them. a few years ago is the issue of obesity and other health trends had reached the point where it could no longer be ignored, reebok asked themselves difficult questions. they took a hard look at themselves and ask, would it be accomplished? were sports and fitness brand, but what have we done anything to help? what we realized us over the past few decades, per capita participation has declined. we bought another brands in the industry of arguably created a world of fans versus participants. as they celebrate elite athletes and achievements, they start talking about people in sports and fitness can be to the average person. the next question reback asks is what can we do to reverse this trend? reback decided they manage to change their approach and made a commitment to moving forward would shift the paradigm to change the perception of fitness and to get people moving. this commitment to e
capabilities because i don't understand them. but what i do understand is that we are not going to change washington by some of the same entrenched democratic congressman down in washington. and expecting a different outcome. it is just not going to happen. anyone of us is better than either one of them. i just hope that i am the one that earns i went to the republican primary. moderator: mr. winslow to mr. sullivan. winslow: it is a drag on our economy with the federal deficit. it is something that will be a drag on future generations. what are three specific things that you would do to reduce the deficit of the united states? >> as we know, the deficit has continued to grow under the obama administration. prior to this administration, there are two years in the history of our nation that the annual deficit accumulated at $400 billion. the budget that the senate just passed at additional deficits and debt. to the tune of about $23 billion. we know that there is tremendous waste in government. the fact of the matter is as a senator in terms of identifying waste in the federal government.
is no less important than preparing them for academic achievement. [applause] to evoke lasting change in high schools and the web server student, we must once again i'd like to repeat, we amassed address the topic of olene from a prior two perspective is supposed to be react to perspective. we must teach our students from an early age what it means to be empathetic, culturally sensitive and supportive of their peers. they must teach them how to recognize and manage their emotions, make responsible decisions cannot be simply establish simply establish positive relationships. when the social, emotional development schools are incorporated in two of bullying prevention and even beyond the classroom quite frankly. these skills positively impacts student's personal bias and social relationships. it helps them to build a strong tear that will help them to develop into amazing citizens. but the question still remains. how do we ensure that every student had is equipped with these social essential skills? did you know that 73% of principals who participated in the national bullying survey agreed that
on issues that matter to me. he did talk about climate change for a little bit. and when we talk about the issue of wildfires, we have the director of the forest service here and i asked him if the size of these fires, the intensity of these wildfires, you talk about invasive species and bark beetles that are living in higher altitudes. whether they felt that this was exacerbated by climate change and they said yes, without hesitation. so i know that a big part of what you're going to be working with is mitigation and the effects of climate change. we talked about that. thank you. >> i know that senator johnson brought up lewis and clarke, that is an issue that is important to us in southwestern minnesota. also northwestern iowa. the secretary said it was a priority. just as places you know where all of the local governments have not just paid 100% of their share, but also paying on top of that to get water that isn't being delivered there. is there a different approach that you might consider taking? >> senator, i appreciate the importance of this issue and the challenge of federal fu
't speak to specific changes brought by the affordable care act, so i don't much of a difference there will be. >> host: i have heard the true cost of obamacare rather than the claims 900 billion will be 2.7 trillion. is this true? >> guest: there is endless debate about the real cost of the affordable care act days. you talk to the congressional budget office and i talk about the deficit reducer over the long run because despite the expenses up front to get it going, there will ultimately be coverage to reduce pressure on things like medicare and other alleman the law touches. republicans scream from the rooftops this law will break the bank even if your democrats say this isn't how we break the bank. we don't break the bank. >> host: independent in hague, north dakota. >> caller: yes, sir. my name is joe frank. a few questions if you can explain to me. you were just talking about breaking the bank. we lost our dad when i was 12 years old. one brother nine months old, my mother was 34. she never took a dollar from the government. we have three sisters and we stuck it out. i've b
. as has been said many times here, we've seen changes to regulatory structure here in the financial realm, but in some cases layered on too heavily for institutions to lend adequately. one thing we have not done is address the chief underlying cause of the crisis events are housing finance system. the objectives that lets him if ready to assume considerable risks in the market that ultimately to a taxpayer bailout rescued by the taxpayer. we are four years later and it's unacceptable we have not reformed and made a business model available to housing finance and today we have left the taxpayers to pick up $187 billion in treasury support. the practice of privatizing gains in publicizing losses is unfair and meaningful reforms must reflect this. thank you. >> the chair recognizes mr. newco power for a minute and a half. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i also want to take mr. demarco for his service in being here this morning. as we approach the five-year anniversary of fannie and freddie, we realize the american taxpayers that inject almost $200 billion into entities. in the history of fannie
. maybe that's changed in the interim. i don't know, we'll hear from him in a moment. the other is and i hear he made a motion to have a resolution here that made it clear that was the sense of this body. that the sense of this body would be that this is unconstitutional. again, pretty straightforward. i'm not sure even those among us who are, let's just say those among us who believe this program is necessary, i don't know anybody in this body who believes a noncombatant u.s. citizen in the united states not doing anything of imminent danger should somehow be killed by the u.s. government. nor do people at home believe that either. so that was the sense of the senate that this is the case, and in exchange for that vote, the vote for mr. brennan would move forward and that's been rejected. this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. i go to a great american phaou shreu, "the -- great american movie, "the godfather." he says i'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse. to me, these are straightforward offers he can't refuse. they have been refused. i think that is pretty stunning. the thir
and publicity to two events of figure 15 received it was still too late to have acted to change the course of the incoming objects. we are in the same position today and for the foreseeable future unless we take action now to improve our means of detection. i do not believe nasa is going to somehow defied budget gravity and get an increase in everyone else is getting cut, the way to find this to prioritize nasa's projects and squeeze as much productivity as we can out of the funds we have. examining and exploring ways to protect near-term asteroids and meteors as a priority for the american people and should be a priority for nasa appeared were fortunate the events of last are simply a coincidence rather than a catastrophe. however, we still made investments and improvements incapability to anticipate what may occur decades from now or tomorrow and that concludes my opening statement and the gentleman from texas is recognized for hers. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman and good morning. i'd like to welcome each of our witnesses today -- to today's hearing. i'd like to thank you for your
vote: the presiding officer: have all senators voted? does any senator wish to change his or her vote? if not, on this vote the yeas are 46. the nays are 53. the amendment is not agreed to. mrs. murray: move to reconsider. mr. reid: lay that on the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: madam president. the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: a lot of progress has been made. we're doing extremely well. a senator: madam president, the senate is not in order. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. mr. reid: madam president, i said that i admire the progress made by the two managers of this bill. over the last two decades in budget resolutions, after expiration of debate time on those budget resolutions senators offered and the senate disposed of an average of 35 amendments. today since expiration of that debate time on this resolution we've disposed of 33 amendments. we've considered and disposed of 44 amendments on the resolutions in total counting those we did yesterday. madam president, we need to continue working. there's a lot o
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22